Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, Dr. Tyson currently accepting new patients.  Please call our office at 919.233.1978 to schedule an appointment or meet for a consultation.

How often should I have my teeth cleaned and examined?

It is most often recommended to have a dental cleaning and exam twice a year. Although, after ones initial cleaning and exam it will be determined by both the dental hygienist and dentist how often a patient would need to have their teeth cleaned. There are circumstances where patients require a dental cleaning more than twice a year to maintain optimal gingival health.

Do you accept dental insurance?

Dr. Tyson is considered “out of network” for all dental insurance plans. As a courtesy to our patients, we enter their insurance information into our computer system which results in a printed insurance claim form. The insurance claim form is to be mailed by the patient after their appointment. Patients are reimbursed by their insurance provider.

Do you offer sedation dentistry/nitrous oxide?

Yes, our office is happy to provide both sedation dentistry and nitrous oxide.

Conscious Oral Sedation provides a safe and comfortable experience for patients who are extremely anxious. Oral Sedation is administered by taking a pill. All body functions remain normal and the patient is able to breathe on their own.

Nitrous Oxide is most commonly known as “laughing gas” and is used to help alleviate mild anxiety. Nitrous Oxide can be used during routine dental cleanings and examinations as well as during operatory appointments. This service is safe for both children and adults. 

What should I bring with me to my first appointment?

We ask that new patients arrive for their first appointment well equipped with their New Patient Forms. Also, if a patient has more than 3 prescription medications, we ask that they bring a printed list from the pharmacy.

Do I need to have my records transferred from my previous dentist?

Patients who have seen a previous dentist within the past several years should contact that dental office. We prefer for any prior x-rays to be mailed to our office prior to a patient’s first appointment date. It is important that the doctor has any records in order to completely evaluate a patient’s dental health.